Afrosalong Fair With Hair in stockholm

Now we open the doors and welcome you to our new, improved Afrosalong in Stockholm! We have recently given our Afrosalong a complete facelift which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.



We who run Afrosalong in Stockholm puts you, the customer at the center at all times. We offer you the beautiful hair extension you want and you can buy a fantastic real hair extensions in Stockholm that both endures and gives you the natural, rich and exclusive feel. To all our hair extensions, we recommend KIS hair care is a quality brand of salon products. KIS product fits, thanks to its content of natural keratin, perfect for both normal hair and real hair extensions which will help to maintain the life of your hair extensions.

Besides being a complete Afrosalong in Stockholm, you can also make an appointment for a free consultation in hair extensions, wigs and hair care. This we feel is the best way to quietly together to go through various real hair extensions and identify which real hair extensions that suits you, your hair and how you want it.



We are proud to be almost the only Afrosalong in Stockholm that offer down payment on all purchases and services directly in Afrosalong. You, the customer may choose to pay by invoice, payment, cash or card. We want it to be easy and economical to buy from us.

To be sure we have time for you, it is best to call and make an appointment for a free consultation and then we allocate time just for you! Of course you are always welcome back if you just happen to pass otherwise too, but note that we have limited availability and no fixed opening hours.